Why use a mortgage consultant?

Why use a ‘middleman’ to secure a mortgage in Mallorca? When securing a mortgage, Mallorca Mortgage offers several undeniable benefits. Established in 2009, we are regional specialists with extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and lending practices. We have enduring relationships with the best legal professionals, lenders, mortgage products, and interest rates available in the area, with access to a broader range of mortgage options and potentially more favourable terms than you might find on your own.

As a local mortgage consultant, we are familiar with the rules and regulations governing mortgages in Mallorca, helping you navigate the process smoothly and avoid potential financial and administrative pitfalls.

Time is Money!

Time is money for many of our clients; our knowledge and experience enable us to assess your financial situation and goals to quickly provide personalised advice on the most suitable mortgage products for your needs; we help you understand the various options available and guide you toward the one that aligns with your financial objectives.

Mallorca Mortgage Established in 2009

Become pre-approved today!

Securing a mortgage involves significant paperwork, negotiations, and coordination. We handle much of the administrative work, saving you time and reducing stress associated with the mortgage application process.

Final thoughts and something more

As experienced mortgage brokers, we negotiate with lenders on your behalf to secure more favourable terms, such as lower interest rates or reduced fees.

Our 24-hour mortgage pre-approval can strengthen your position when making an offer on a property. Sellers often view buyers with pre-approved financing more favourably.

Our expertise, convenience, and potential time and cost savings provide our clients peace of mind, especially when dealing with international transactions in locations with specific market dynamics like Mallorca.

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(1) Property Deposit – Percentage (%) of the property price that is not financed. Your property deposit payment amount will be determined by various factors and can affect the interest rate you receive, as some lenders typically offer lower rates for borrowers who make a larger property deposit. We will guide you through is process.

(2) Fees & Taxes – We recommend you estimate between 10% to 14% of the purchase price to cover the fees (Notary, Registry and Administration) and taxes related to the property purchase. The current Fees & Taxes are based on 12% as a guide only.

(3) Total Needed To Purchase – This is an estimate of the total amount needed to complete the purchase of the property. This includes the (1) Property Deposit & (2) Fees & Taxes.

IMPORTANT: Do not pay a deposit on a property until you have a confirmed mortgage offer from us.

To start this process, please complete our 24 hour Mortgage Pre-Approval form here:

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