Bridging Loans

If you need short-term finance, perhaps you are waiting for the sale of a property to complete and need interim funding for a purchase, or you are planning to develop or facing temporary cash flow gaps. Mallorca Mortgage has access to funding at competitive rates compared to alternative sources of short-term finance.
A bridging loan is designed to be a short-term solution, typically available for 6 – 24 months; ideal for situations where immediate funds are required and will be repaid quite quickly. A bridging loan can be particularly useful when waiting for the sale of a property to be completed.
Another use of a bridging loan is for property development. Businesses engaged in property development projects often face upfront costs for land acquisition, planning, or construction. A bridging loan secured against an existing asset can provide the capital required during the development phase.
Whether for individuals or businesses in need of short-term financing, Mallorca Mortgage can help you understand local market conditions and regulations. Bridging loans offer flexibility and quick access to funds, helping borrowers bridge financial gaps until more permanent financing arrangements can be secured.

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